Refrigerating cabinets with glass door <br /><strong>Carboma Standart</strong>

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Refrigerating cabinets with glass door
Carboma Standart

  • Designed as «WIDE» wide-system cabinets, 20% more product overview
  • Ideal for kitchens with limited space, fit into professional technological lines with depth of 700 and 800 mm
  • 2 temperature ranges
  • 5 painting options available at base price
  • Ergonomic handle, built-in throughout height
  • Built-in lock
  • Door switching left or right opening (at the factory conditions)
  • Stainless steel with protection against fingerprints
  • OPTIONS: additional shelf, wheels, INOX version, front panel color solutions by RAL, branding of the side walls

Modèles disponibles

Overall length
Horizontal area of the exposition
Operating temperature
Shelf size
Unit placement
825х645х2020 mm
1,68 m2
+1…+12 / -5…+5 C°
710х460 mm
825х745х2020 mm
2,04 m2
+1…+12 / -5…+5 C°
710х560 mm
800 slide door
1300х635х1825 mm
2,11 m2
+1…+12 C°
530х465 mm
1400 slide door
1650х710х1900 mm
4,11 m2
+1…+12 C°
710х560 mm

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