Multi-Deck <br /><strong>F20-08 (Crete)</strong>

* Les images des produits sont indicatives et peuvent varier en fonction du modèle.

F20-08 (Crete)

  • Multi-Dec F20-08(Crete) features a wide size range
  • Increased visibility for products by panoramic sidewalls and larger display
  • Climate class of equipment: 3
  • Showcases are designed for indoor use with natural ventilation at ambient temperature from +12°C to +25°C, relative humidity not more than 60%.
  • OPTIONS: removable decorative panels (according to RAL table), fruit set (mirror panel, limiters for two rows of shelves), LED-illumination of each shelf, limiters on the shelf, price tags h-39 mm, additional metal shelves, possibility of branding, wheels

Modèles disponibles

Length with sidewalls
Length without sidewalls
Horizontal area of the exposition
Net volume
Operating temperature
740 mm
660 mm
1,43 m2
0,34 m3
0…+7 C°
1060 mm
980 mm
2,14 m2
0,51 m3
0…+7 C°
1330 mm
1250 mm
2,74 m2
0,66 m3
0…+7 C°
1955 mm
1875 mm
4,13 m2
0,99 m3
0…+7 C°
2580 mm
2500 mm
5,52 m2
1,32 m3
0…+7 C°

Fiches techniques

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