Range of confectionery cabinets
D4 (Latium)

  • confectionery cabinets Latium D4 – ideal for demonstration of confectionery products, mouth watering sandwiches, pastries, pizzas and delicacies in cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Climate class of equipment: 3
  • Showcases are designed for indoor use with natural ventilation at ambient temperature from +12°C to +25°C, relative humidity not more than 60%.
  • OPTIONS: additional shelves, wheels, adjustable feet, INOX version, painting option S, RAL color solutions, additional door

Modèles disponibles

Overall length
Horizontal area of the exposition
Net volume
Operating temperature
Shelf size
R120 C
480х460х1100 mm
0,44 m2
0,09 m3
+6…+12 C°
405х380 mm
R120 Cвр
480х460х1100 mm
0,33 m2
0,07 m3
+6…+12 C°
R400 C
575хх600х1850 mm
1,02 m2
0,2 m3
+2…+10* C°
500x425 mm
R400 Cвр
575хх600х1850 mm
0,64 m2
0,13 m3
+2…+10* C°
R800 C
1100х600х1850 mm
2,06 m2
0,41 m3
+2…+10* C°
500х425 mm

Fiches techniques

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