FC20-08 X7 (Cuba Door)

  • Specialized refrigerated Multi-Deck FC20-08 X7 allows efficiently use of trading space thanks to its compact external dimensions and ergonomic design
  • Glass doors of Multi-Deck made by FRAMELESS technology (frameless glazing) will draw attention to the product and are designed to create optimal climate
  • Climate class of equipment: 3
  • Showcases are designed for indoor use with natural ventilation at ambient temperature from +12°C to +25°C, relative humidity not more than 60%.
  • OPTIONS: protective bumper (stainless steel pipe), LED backlight, any color scheme of the case, silk screen printing glass (RAL), possibility of branding, additional shelves with brackets, limiters on the shelf, candicecardinele H-39, tinted double-glazed Windows of sidewalls and doors

Modèles disponibles

Overall length
Net volume
Operating temperature
740x875x1930 mm
0,53 m3
-5…+5 C°
1060x875x1930 mm
0,79 m3
-5…+5 C°
1330x875x1930 mm
1,0 m3
-5…+5 C°

Fiches techniques

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