Floor showcase
K95 (Plum)

  • The ideal equipment for creating individual solutions in the points of public catering and trade in the confectionery stores
  • Designed for the demonstration of confectionery products
  • Climate class of equipment: 3
  • Showcases are designed for indoor use with natural ventilation at ambient temperature from +12°C to +25°C, relative humidity not more than 60%.
  • OPTIONS: scheme black&wood, white&wood, brown&wood, gray&wood

Modèles disponibles

Length with sidewalls
Length without sidewalls
Horizontal area of the exposition
Net volume
Operating temperature
1180 mm
1100 mm
0,88 m2
0,13 m3
0...+7 C°
1480 mm
1400 mm
1,12 m2
0,17 m3
0...+7 C°
Neutral counter 0.9
900 mm

Fiches techniques

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