Cooling cabinet with humidity control function
Carboma PRO

  • Refrigerated cabinets CARBOMA PRO with wide range of humidity control is ideal for storage and display any delicacies, cheese and meat
  • Forced hydration and a patented cooling system PHCS (Plus hybrid cooling system with humidity control) allow to avoid drying the product and loss weight of the products
  • Refrigerated Cabinets of CARBOMA PRO series can be installed in any room and do not require special connection for water supply/drainage
  • Professional cabinets PRO series suitable for the production of ham, sausages, meat and cheese extracts
  • OPTIONS: additional shelf, wheel, kit for cheese cabinet, kit meat rack, set for sausage Cabinet, bactericidal lamp, gastronorm containers GN 2/1 with guide, Led light

Modèles disponibles

Overall length
Horizontal area of the exposition
Operating temperature
Shelf size
Unit placement
825х755х1900 mm
1,59 m2
+1…+12 C°
710х560 mm
45...90 %

Fiches techniques

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